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The Art of Performance - workshop invitation

THE ART OF PERFORMANCE @ The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance TR18 2NL
Wednesdays, 9th November - 7th December, 6-8pm.

A series of five practical classes, led by Biljana Lipic, investigating and documenting the use of the artist’s body as art.
The sessions will involve exercises that can prepare the body for a performance based activity as well as explorative, improvisation and game-like structures, done both indoors and outdoors, that can inspire creative enquiry and also serve as a raw material for the photographic and video documenting of the body-centered art.

Reflection and sharing will be incorporated, which at times will be channelled through drawing, writing as well as group discussion.

£10 per session.

Booking and advance payment is essential for these courses. Email or call the gallery on 01736 363715


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