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Very powerful Clown through Mask training

Clown through Mask training, London 7 weekends from September 2011 - March 2012 This groundbreaking course, synthesising Native North American and European clowning traditions, uses the power of masks to guide you towards your clown, becoming both beautiful and ridiculous at once. Over seven weekends, we explore how the clown can act as mirror to the audience’s humanity, by facing and embodying all aspects of the self through each making six masks. Starting with simple exercises exploring sound, colour, presence and movement, this transformative method combines the unique personas discovered through the masks with work on how to express these physically, vocally and emotionally in performance. A powerful, playful and exhilarating journey, the training provides a thorough grounding in the art of clowning, and will be beneficial for any performer or artist wanting to connect more fully with your own creative source - your self. No previous experience of clowning is necessary. The course is …