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Medicine for the Earth - workshop

World Dance Day

Official message for the World Dance Day 29 April 2009
The future of dance lies where there are persons who do not dance. These belong to two categories: those who simply did not learn, and those who think that they are not able to dance. They represent the greatest challenge for the dance teacher's profession.

In line with UNESCO's struggle against prejudice and discrimination, we are trying to expand the boundaries of dance and to change the current perception of what a dancer is. Dance performances are not necessarily exhibitions of extreme physicality, accurate precision, or bursting emotion - they can be celebrations of interaction between performers. We can enrich dance concerts with dancers, singers, actors, narrators, mimes, acrobats etc., of all ages and all degrees of ability.

Bringing the 'excluded' into dance is a moral duty, but also opens a great door in times of economic crisis and unemployment. In every country there are millions of persons with physical o…

March 09

On Saturday 28 March 2009 at 8.30pm, during our introductory Shamanic Tango workshop, we will make our contribution to the WWF's global project Earth Hour by switching our lights off for at least an hour. At the same time we shall enjoy the often forgotten sensuality of being in darkness, de-lighted by the stars, the moon over the sea and the candlelight! Join us or do it your way... in any case do sign up for the WWF’s Earth Hour!

December 08

Wishing everyone a non-consumptive but cozy winter! Since September we have been living off the resources our planet hasn't yet generated! Read here about the Earth Overshoot Day...
Our big wish for the New Year then, is that we all learn to live simpler but happier lives! Hummmmmm....
And may the bees, which seem to have decided to vanish without a trace in such huge numbers, come back to share the same air with us!

September 08

Internationalize the Amazonia?Brazil’s Amazon basin, some 360 million hectares cleaved by the world’s largest river, the Amazon, whose 80,000 kilometers in length is equal to the distance between New York and Berlin, holds the planet’s greatest biodiversity reserve. This unique, complex, exceptional ecosystem is a colossal Patrimony of Humanity. Should it be internationalized?Below is an insightful response from the Brazilian Minister of Education, Cristov√£o (Chico) Buarque, better known as a poet, composer and musician. In a visit to an US university, Chico Buarque was asked by a young US ecologist about the possibility of ‘internationalising’ the Amazonia. His response highlights the complexity of the issue, the powers in play, the threatened sovereignty of nations and the double standards applied when deciding on these issues. It also reveals a humanist approach, honesty and wisdom of a government minister such as Chico Buarque.“From a humanist perspective...”

“As a Brazilian I wou…

April / May 08

We seem to be hopping in the increments of two - two months, two years... At the end of one cycle, beginning a new one, we have now been offered some most wonderful venues and locations for our workshops! Excitedly, we are arranging the last details before we are able to speak of this further. Meanwhile, we are joining the web sharing of this incredibly well presented story. Have a look at:

January 2008

We wish everyone a golden year ahead!Our inspiring news are:

Mia and Polly have stepped on board. You will find them present in different ways throughout the website.In February we will be involved in a live art social event open to all - so, come along! More info on the Art Events and Gallery page...

Also, soon to come, more of our Workshop Encounters throughout 2008. Please visit us again to read further details...Or let us know if you wish to join our e-mailing list to be regularly updated.