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World Dance Day

Official message for the World Dance Day 29 April 2009

The future of dance lies where there are persons who do not dance. These belong to two categories: those who simply did not learn, and those who think that they are not able to dance. They represent the greatest challenge for the dance teacher's profession.

In line with UNESCO's struggle against prejudice and discrimination, we are trying to expand the boundaries of dance and to change the current perception of what a dancer is. Dance performances are not necessarily exhibitions of extreme physicality, accurate precision, or bursting emotion - they can be celebrations of interaction between performers. We can enrich dance concerts with dancers, singers, actors, narrators, mimes, acrobats etc., of all ages and all degrees of ability.

Bringing the 'excluded' into dance is a moral duty, but also opens a great door in times of economic crisis and unemployment. In every country there are millions of persons with physical or mental disabilities. We believe they are ready to dance. They will create jobs to thousands of dance teachers. They can be assisted by the Ministry of Health, whose budget is many times bigger than that of the Ministry of Culture. Integrating marginalized persons into the practice of dance is as important as integrating them into the workforce.

CID holds to the philosophy that everyone can dance. 
Dance Day 2009 is dedicated to inclusive dance. Let us include all members of society into our classes and our performances. 

Prof. Alkis Raftis
President of the International Dance Council CID

Also a message from - Akram Khan, UK

This very special day is dedicated to the one language that everybody in this world can speak - the inherent language of our bodies and our souls, of our ancestors and of our children. 

This day is dedicated to every god, guru and grandparent that ever taught and inspired us, to every song and impulse and moment that's ever moved us to move. It is dedicated to the little child that wishes it could move like its star, and to the mother who says, "You already can."  

This day is dedicated to everybody of every creed, colour and culture that carries the traditions of its past into stories of the present and dreams of the future. 

This day is dedicated to Dance, to its myriad dialects and its immense power to express, transform, unite and delight.


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