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Tango – Ecstatic Flight Through the Senses

Picture artist unknown

Preparing to dance, I stretch out my sense-antennas.  I scan the distance by listening through my body. I smell, I observe and finally notice.  Upon gestural agreement, gently, I touch my partner.  We get closer and closer.

We drop into the meeting of our skins - the periphery at which we affirm our separation, as well as begin to flow into and through one another. And, as we softly spread along this permeable boundary, our breathing, now via the skin pores, begins to expand and relax too.

At that moment, I begin to feel a pull towards the darkness of the inner caves and caverns of our bodies – the deeper intimacy. I turn to the inner eye, the senses that 'see' in the dark. And within this realm of imagination, but also simply bodily knowing, I begin to track, not only shapes, but also the core impulses of our movement. 

I continue to sense, although that sense has now become a full-bodied feeling. I half or even fully close my eyes. Then, as I drop into trusting this feeling even more, I open to receive. Like a flower opening its petals to the bee – I open to receive that, which only until a minute ago I perceived as Other.

Receiving has now become giving, and at that point, our dance, a flight – a flight into what is joyfully unknown!


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