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Tango 2 Freedom workshop in Chagford, Devon, UK

PEARLS OF SERBIA - thematic workshops in nature, summer 2012

PEARLS OF SERBIA thematic workshops in nature, summer 2012*
first weekend workshop: THE FAIRY DANCE
in magical East Serbia, 22-24 June
Experiential workshop of free movement and dance**, sound, rituals hidden in tradition, external and internal journeys and connection of body and spirit with the natural elements which surround us. Merged with rhythm of nature whilst listening to the birthing of summer in the exceptional ambient created by nature's monuments.
Lead by: Sanela Fekovic and Jelena Tasic (Shadow Dance) in collaboration with Biljana Lipic (Shamanic Tango)
The price of the weekend workshop is 100 E.
The price includes: half-board rural accommodation, travel from Belgrade, workshop program as well as all the visits to the most important geographical landmarks of Serbia in the region.
Bookings until 20.6.2012:
063 253487 i 064 1682683
* Other workshops during summer 2012: Along the Hidden Paths, Creative Nature, The Medicinal World of Nature
** No dancing experi…