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Today is the Day of the Honey Bee!

""Day of the Honey Bee" was a project that I began May 29,2009 because I saw a problem with general public awareness regarding honey bee losses across the globe. Honey bees are dying at alarming rates in every country where they are raised." - Clinton Ekdah
Support the “Day of the Honey Bee” by signing the petition set up by Clinton E: Excerpts from the petition: You should be made aware that the Honey Bee has been known by mankind since at least 6000 B.C. as evidenced by rock paintings in Spain found in 1924. Honey Bees have been used by mankind as a food source through domestication since at least 5000 B.C. In that ancient time they were regarded as tears of the Sun God Ra by the Ancient Egyptians and honey was believed to ward against evil spirits. Honey and bee's wax have also been used throughout the Stone Age in medicines and food through to the present day. Today unfortunately, in many ways, M…

29th May - the day of the Honey Bee!

We are turning our Alverne milonga in Penzance into a Buzz Night! - to celebrate, as well as raise awareness of the importance of one of nature’s smallest dancer, the honey bee whose existence is now under threat. There will be mead and honey filled goodies and lots of gold and black dressed dancers - buzzing around in a tango hive style!

Print by Ken Orvidas
If you are in Cornwall, already dancing tango or interested to try it here is the schedule for the workshops and the evening dance:
Lessons with BiljanaIntermediate lesson 3.00pm – Topic ‘Honeyed embrace’Inter/adv lesson 4.30pm – Topic ‘Organic giros’Beginners lesson 6.45pm – Topic ‘How to survive a milonga’Buzz Night! milonga 7.30pm – 10.45pm
Costs:Lessons £10 eachBeginner lesson + milonga £7Milonga only £5
Guy and Biljana will be the DJ’s for the Milonga, playing tunes you can fly to!