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NEW season of Shamanic Tango workshops - starting Dec 2011!

With excitement I would like to invite you to join us for the first weekend themed:
DANCER AS THE BRIDGE BETWEEN THE WORLDS @ Gwenmenhir, Boscawen-noon Farm, St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall TR19 6EH - beautifully converted , eco-friendly barn, also home of the Wild Food Foraging and Cooking School Fat Hen. Fee: £145 per weekend inclusive of food. For those requiring accommodation there are some spaces at the venue, plus other options to stay at the B&Bs nearby. For information and to arrange booking please contact Biljana - T 07966 457 863; More about the workshops on the website:

The Art of Performance - workshop invitation

THE ART OF PERFORMANCE @ The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance TR18 2NL Wednesdays, 9th November - 7th December, 6-8pm.
A series of five practical classes, led by Biljana Lipic, investigating and documenting the use of the artist’s body as art. The sessions will involve exercises that can prepare the body for a performance based activity as well as explorative, improvisation and game-like structures, done both indoors and outdoors, that can inspire creative enquiry and also serve as a raw material for the photographic and video documenting of the body-centered art.
Reflection and sharing will be incorporated, which at times will be channelled through drawing, writing as well as group discussion.

£10 per session.
Booking and advance payment is essential for these courses. Email or call the gallery on 01736 363715

Very powerful Clown through Mask training

Clown through Mask training, London 7 weekends from September 2011 - March 2012 This groundbreaking course, synthesising Native North American and European clowning traditions, uses the power of masks to guide you towards your clown, becoming both beautiful and ridiculous at once. Over seven weekends, we explore how the clown can act as mirror to the audience’s humanity, by facing and embodying all aspects of the self through each making six masks. Starting with simple exercises exploring sound, colour, presence and movement, this transformative method combines the unique personas discovered through the masks with work on how to express these physically, vocally and emotionally in performance. A powerful, playful and exhilarating journey, the training provides a thorough grounding in the art of clowning, and will be beneficial for any performer or artist wanting to connect more fully with your own creative source - your self. No previous experience of clowning is necessary. The course is …

On Spirituality..

"In perhaps one of its briefest definitions spirituality is about the relationships that we have with our self, with others and with the universe. It is characterized by several key concepts and principles, one of which is that it is paradoxical. Otherwise seemingly opposite conditions, entities or experiences coexist comfortably together. For example, spirituality is both subtle and powerful. It is like our breath. We go about most of our day not even realizing that we are breathing. Yet our breathing is so powerful that if we stop, we die.

Spirituality is personal. Each of us has to discover it on our own, in our own way. It is highly useful, in that it deals with a spectrum of life issues, from learning basic trust to getting free of suffering. And spirituality is experiential. To appreciate it, we use it, to realize it, we have to experience it. We cannot know it ultimately through our intellect or through reason. It is not knowable. It is only be-able.

It is indescribable. It …

Bruce Lee Philosophy!

Body Eye - new intensive workshops in Dartmoor, Devon, Uk with Biljana Lipic