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On Spirituality..

"In perhaps one of its briefest definitions spirituality is about the relationships that we have with our self, with others and with the universe. It is characterized by several key concepts and principles, one of which is that it is paradoxical. Otherwise seemingly opposite conditions, entities or experiences coexist comfortably together. For example, spirituality is both subtle and powerful. It is like our breath. We go about most of our day not even realizing that we are breathing. Yet our breathing is so powerful that if we stop, we die.

Spirituality is personal. Each of us has to discover it on our own, in our own way. It is highly useful, in that it deals with a spectrum of life issues, from learning basic trust to getting free of suffering. And spirituality is experiential. To appreciate it, we use it, to realize it, we have to experience it. We cannot know it ultimately through our intellect or through reason. It is not knowable. It is only be-able.

It is indescribable. It is so vast, that even if we were to read all of the world's great holy books and listen to all of the great spiritual masters, we would still not fathom it. Spirituality is inclusive and supportive. It does not reject any thing. And here is where organized religion may enter, because it is a part of spirituality. Thus, while spirituality is not organized religion, it includes it, supports it and then transcends it.

It is healing and growth-inducing, and thus is ultimately fulfilling..."

- from the book Healing the Child Within by Charles Whitfield


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